5 Hacks to Financial Freedom

Women, in general, had to face different and unique challenges when it comes to financing management.

We all have goals and aspirations to live a better life, that includes making our children secure and giving them the best education. Without leaving them behind and worked far away from our little comfort zone.

Yes, I am talking about family.

It is common nowadays that women had to work overseas.

Now, how can we attain financial stability and security without the hassle or feeling of having a ball of chain dangling in our feet?

1. A little reality check. - Let's face it, men pay higher than women. We had to seek another income aside from our day to day basis jobs. What about a little sideline? Not necessarily taking another sideline of 20 hours after your regular 30 hours work week jobs.

Just find what you love. Like putting a little hobby online shop for instance. Arts and Crafts mostly. If you had interest in journaling or scrapbook, why not hang out with people with the same interest on the world wide web. That way you can generate leads that would look for supplies. That way, you are earning and enjoying at the same time.

Freelancing is also the best alternative to earn money. But you must enhance your skills in various tasks.

2. Be confident with handling money. - I noticed that several women rely on the head of the family in money decisions. They feel like they don't want to be blamed when it comes to bad investments. Men are often risky and good in plan execution when it comes to livelihood. My advice? Don't get intimidated. Look at your partner as your partner in business too. Not your keeper or your boss.

3. Never invest in luxury. - Your branded bags and designers clothes won't save you in your old age. Why not buy them occasionally. Often, women find an excuse as 'therapy.' I mean it's okay every once in a while, but never make it a habit. We should never look at these as financial investments either. Because personal belonging depreciates value.

4. Make your money roll. - As I said earlier, luxurious things won't increase value, unlike real investments.

Why not work with getting policies and investment plans. These things require the waiting period, so I recommend getting them early as much as possible, If not for yourself, get one for your children. So when the policy matures, your children will have a kickstart; something that we never had when we were younger.

Invest also in self-improvement for job-related skills, such as seminars and workshop. Or attending a conference or event. Networking was never a bad idea after all.

5. Find yourself a good support network. - This is the most important of them all. With the right people that will boost you, you will always be on the right track.

Remember, never be afraid to try anything new. Do not limit yourself.

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