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Divorce? No problem!

A family home stores bittersweet memories. The process of moving forward is difficult at first. When you're done with the legal process, the next step will be keeping it or letting go of it then split what is left.



There's a lot of things to consider; child custody, alimony, child support, and property disputes.


When a couple decides to split, they must figure out what to do with the house. You have to figure out the pros and cons before making a decision.


Remember, you must avoid anything that could be financially harmful to you down the road.

Beyond the emotional considerations — leaving behind memories, moving on and creating new memories somewhere else — there are important financial considerations for navigating the sale of your house.


Depending on what you decide to do with the house, KRE will be here to help you.


FAQ on Divorce

Where can I find out more about my property rights during the divorce?

Legal help will give you advice and guide you through the proceedings. You should hire a lawyer especially when you have investments to split altogether. 

Where can I get advice about selling my home due to divorce?

Call us today on 402-819-8697. to get free and helpful advice regarding selling your home following a divorce.

Will my property be automatically divided equally in a divorce?

Whilst it is often assumed that all assets are divided equally during a divorce this isn’t always the case. A number of different factors will be taken into consideration, including the welfare of any children aged 18 or under.

Can I keep my home for my children?
The final decision will either be made between yourself and the other party involved or decided by the courts. The welfare of any dependent children is paramount in divorce proceedings so housing decisions will be made based upon their needs.


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